Hair Possession
Spell profile
Primary casterTao Raikaku
Magic systemModern Belka (?)
Japanese name憑髪(ツキガミ)
First app.ViVid (ch.75)

Hair Possession (憑髪(ツキガミ) Tsukigami, lit. Possession-of Hair) is an ability possessed by Tao Raikaku to manipulate her hair in ViVid.

It is cast by Tao as a defensive/counterattack instinct in battles. As manipulation magic is complex and has high mana loading, Tao may lose consciousness and control after initiating it. When used with confidence and sufficient consciousness, Tao's hair turns into a brighter color.

Notable usesEdit

In ViVid (ch.75-77), Tao uses it in the spar with Corona Timil to interrupt her incoming punch attack.


  • Hair Possession: Terminate (憑髪(ツキガミ)(ゼツ) Tsukigami Zetsu) is a drill-like attack variation with hair-tips cast against Corona when Tao is unconscious in their spar.[1]
  • Ruyi Qiankun (如意乾坤 Nyoi Kenkon, lit. As One Wish Heaven-and-Earth) is a supportive spell cast by Tao to locate Corona and Xue Rosen in the dark, by making use of her Hair Possession ability.[2]


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