Hades Vandein
Hades wielding a replica Divider-996 in the destroyed Rezona Jail
Character profile
SpeciesEclipse Driver
FamilyOne daughter
AffiliationVandein Corporation
OccupationExecutive Director
SystemSpecial (EC)
DeviceUnnamed Replica Dividers
Japanese nameハーディス・ヴァンデイン
(Hādisu Vandein)
First app.Force (ch.18)

Hades Vandein (ハーディス・ヴァンデイン Hādisu Vandein) is an Executive Director (専務取締役 Senmu Torishimari Yaku) of Vandein Corporation first introduced in Magical Record Lyrical Nanoha Force.


Hades is probably named after the ancient Greek chthonic god of the underworld. His surname may be a reference to the Vandeins commune of the Ain department, eastern France.

In ForceEdit

Hades Vandein

Hades' civilian guise

Hades is introduced as a corrupt but charismatic Executive Director of the Vandein Corporation, following a Hückebein attack on their lab on Liberta. Although the Special Duty Section 6 suspects him of being in cahoots with certain Eclipse Drivers perpetrating mass murders on the fringes of the Bureau's management worlds, they have no hard evidence to link them to him. To his employees, Hades presents himself as a visionary who studies the Eclipse virus in order to obtain a clean energy source of the future for the benefit of mankind and, first and foremost, of his company.

After the Grendel family botches the theft of SDS6's prototype Raptors, they are apprehended and confess to having been hired for this job by Hades, who is immediately detained by SDS6 without incident. Shortly before his transfer from the Rezona Jail to the TSAB Midchilda Ground Headquarters, a group consisting of Curren Hückebein, Veyron, and Sonica Lilian breaks into the prison with the intent to use Sonica's mind-reading abilities on him to gain his knowledge of the Eclipse virus. After goading them to attack him (so he can claim justifiable self-defense later), he reveals that he is an Eclipse Driver like them, summons two Replica Dividers, and easily fends off the Hückebein attackers until SDS6 arrives at the scene.

Following a distraction provided by Curren, he attempts to obtain Sonica's powers from her but is stopped by Veyron, whom he incapacitates by ripping out his heart. He is then forced to unsummon his weapons to prevent the approaching Bureau officers from discovering his true nature, and allows them to take him back into custody again.

Throughout the series, Hades repeatedly mentions his daughter, but her identity is yet to be revealed.



Hades "slashes" at Teana Lanster

Curren Hückebein describes Hades as having been infected by the "Seed of Origin" of Eclipse, which means that his Eclipse Driver abilities are even stronger than those of the first-generation Eclipse infectees like the Hückebein family themselves. It also seems to give him the unique ability to force the Eclipse virus to mutate in others on touch, such as when he makes Veyron's infected body reject a heart regenerated by itself.

During his arrest, Hades demonstrated unexplained powers of suggestion, whereupon he projected images of himself slashing at Teana Lanster, who stood closest to him at the moment, to everyone around him. This hypnotic illusion was very brief but powerful enough for even Nanoha Takamachi to spontaneously react to it and almost open fire at him.