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MangaMagical Record Lyrical Nanoha Force
Japanese title「フッケバイン」
PublishedNovember 30, 2009

"Hückebein" (「フッケバイン」 Fukkebain) is the third chapter of Magical Record Lyrical Nanoha Force. It was originally published on November 30, 2009.


The chapter opens with Signum and Agito inspecting the ruins on Ruwella where Thoma met Lily, reaffirming their intent to capture the suspect at all costs. Out in the forests, Thoma and Lily explain their situation to Isis. Thoma plans to ensure Lily's safety and then contact "Su-chan", who is a TSAB member. He then inadvertently summons the Divider again but Lily explains how to dismiss it, though she doesn't know much more. Before the girls fall asleep, Thoma explains that he has been traveling to find clues about criminals who destroyed his village on Vaizen seven years ago. Back at the ruins, Agito reports to Teana, who comments that Thoma is unlikely one of "Hückebein". Signum notes that she feels almost like before a battle.

The next morning, Thoma, Lily, and Isis reach a Saint Church but Thoma detects the smell of blood and enters it alone. Inside, he finds bodies of three dead nuns and a strange man sitting on the altar with a Divider nearby. The man orders him to hand over "Divider and Reactor", while Thoma realizes that he bears the same tattoo as the ones who destroyed his village.


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