Grendel family
Grendel family
The Grendel family in Force
Organization profile
TypeJuvenile gang
LeaderKurt Grendel
Japanese nameグレンデル
First app.Force (ch.22)

Grendel (グレンデル Gurenderu), commonly known as the "Grendel family" (グレンデル一家 Gurenderu ikka), is a small militant group led by Kurt Grendel, first introduced in Force. Like the Hückebein family, the actual familial status of the members is uncertain.


In the Anglo-Saxon mythology, Grendel was a man-eating monster slain by the hero Beowulf.


The Grendel family is active in the first to the third administrated worlds. They are infected by the Eclipse virus around the second part of Force.

In ForceEdit

In Force (ch.22), they attack Special Duty Section 6 which is guarding the transportation of AEC Armament, aiming to rob the Raptor units.



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