Granz Florian
Granz Florian
Granz in Reflection
Character profile
FamilyFlorian family
Japanese nameグランツ・フローリアン
(Gurantsu Furōrian)
First app.Gears of Destiny
Voiced byKenji Hamada (INNOCENT)

Granz Florian (グランツ・フローリアン Gurantsu Furōrian) is a scientist first introduced in The Gears of Destiny. He developed the Gears and raised the two personified Gears, namely Amitie and Kyrie Florian, as daughters in the portable continuity.

In the movie continuity, he is the husband of Eleanor Florian as well as the father of Amitie and Kyrie, originally his Gears.

Alternate continuitiesEdit


Granz only makes a cameo appearance in The Gears of Destiny in the flashback of Amitie and Kyrie, as he is deceased by the time of the story. His face is mostly covered by a stuffed doll in this only appearance.


Granz only appears in Reflection so far. He and Eleanor, his childhood friend and wife, continuously research on how to save their dying planet, i.e. Eltria. However, he has been suffering from illness for a few years and hence his life is in danger by the time of the story.

Brave DuelEdit

Granz Florian is the father of the Florian family, as well as the head of Granz Lab. Despite the same outfit and clothes as in The Gears of Destiny, it is the debut of his full facial appearance.


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