Graf Eisen
Device profile
Other namesBlack Iron Count
Magic systemAncient Belka
Japanese nameグラーフアイゼン
(Gurāfu Aizen)
First app.A's manga (prologue)
Voiced byTetsuya Kakihara

Graf Eisen (グラーフアイゼン Gurāfu Aizen),[1] also known as "Black Iron Count" (鉄の伯爵 Kurogane no Hakushaku), is Vita's Armed Device.

It appears to have no programmed gender and speaks German (Belkan) language, such as when it reloads cartridges ("Nachladen") or uses one up ("Explosion"), as well as approaching targets ("Gegenstand kommt nah").


"Graf Eisen" means "Count Iron" (or "Earl Iron") in German. Notably, its initials are rendered "Ge" instead of "GE" in INNOCENT game and The MOVIE 2nd A's supplementary materials.

Vita usually calls it simply Eisen.


Graf Eisen is first introduced in the A's manga prologue, and is featured prominently in A's, StrikerS manga, and StrikerS. It also makes a brief cameo in Force.

It generally appears as hammer-shaped, sometimes featuring a drilling spike in its more powerful forms.

In StrikerS, a new Limit Break form is added.

In the Movie continuity, Graf Eisen first appears in The MOVIE 2nd A's.


Form Description Appearances
Standby Form
Appears as a miniature hammer, hanging on Vita's neck-chain. A's (ep.3) — present
Ger. "Hammer Form")
Graf Eisen's default form, appearing as a two-sided hammer that distantly resembles a polo mallet. It can launch up to 4 circular bomblets (Schwalbe Fliegen) and create a massive sonic shockwave (Eisengeheul) as a distraction. A's (ep.1) — present
Ger. "Missile Form")
The more powerful rocket-propelled assault mode. A's (ep.1) — present
Ger. "Giant Form")
Faces of the hammer become octagonal. It can grow to many times its (or for that matter, Vita's) size, or remain compact in size which allows cartridge loading. It is the Full Drive form in StrikerS. A's (ep.8) — present
Ger. "Destruction Form")
Graf Eisen's Limit Break form in StrikerS, combining Gigantform's size changing capabilities with Raketenform's rocket propulsion. As opposed to a metal spiked tip like the Raketenform, this form features a spinning drill as the tip. StrikerS (ep.25) — present

The Zerstörungsform may be a reference to Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, which aired concurrently with StrikerS and starred Tetsuya Kakihara as Simon.


Upgrade Description Appearances
Cartridge System
Three-cylinder type Cartridge System. A's (ep.1) — present

Graf Eisen is one of two Devices in the series (along with Bardiche), that have been subjected to Recovery.



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