"The Real "Darkness" that was Contained within the "Book of Darkness""
Summoning U-D
Kyrie and Dearche wakening U-D
Battle sequence
Video gameMagical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's Portable: The Gears of Destiny
Japanese title「「闇の書」が内包していた本当の「闇」」
("Yami no Sho" ga Naihō shiteita Hontō no "Yami")
Playable charactersHayate Yagami

"The Real "Darkness" that was Contained within the "Book of Darkness"" (「「闇の書」が内包していた本当の「闇」」 "Yami no Sho" ga Naihō shiteita Hontō no "Yami")[1] is Sequence 04 of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's Portable: The Gears of Destiny.

Short summaryEdit

This sequence follows Hayate Yagami and Reinforce as they are trying to track down the Materials. It opens to Thoma Avenir and Lily-Strosek arriving in the "present" time and encountering the player character, and after getting defeated fleeing. They also encounter the Liese twins, who still hold a grudge about the events surrounding the Book of Darkness, before finally finding Dearche. After Dearche is defeated, she and Kyrie Florian succeed in wakening the Unbreakable Dark (aka. U-D) and whoever fought Dearche gets to try taking on U-D. Whether the player wins or loses, U-D goes out of control and flies off after slaying the Materials. Kyrie then goes after her.

Sequence structureEdit

Destiny 14 - Battle 1A
Hayate vs. Thoma
Destiny 15 - Battle 2A
Hayate vs. Liese twins
Destiny 16 - Battle 3A
Hayate vs. Dearche

Destiny 17 - Battle 4A
Hayate vs. U-D
Destiny 14 - Battle 1B
Reinforce vs. Thoma
Destiny 15 - Battle 2B
Reinforce vs. Liese twins
Destiny 16 - Battle 3B
Reinforce vs. Dearche
Destiny 18 - Battle 4B
Reinforce vs. U-D

Like Sequence 03, the choice of character for Destiny 16 influences which Destiny will be in the last battle. If Hayate is chosen, it leads to Destiny 17 where Hayate confronts U-D, while if Reinforce is chosen for Destiny 16 she faces off against U-D in Destiny 18.

Also, no matter which character is chosen to fight with U-D in Destiny 17/18, the story proceeds even if the player is defeated with minimal changes in dialogue. However, beating U-D with each of them here is two of the requirements for unlocking the Final Sequence.

Long summaryEdit


Sequence 04 opens on Thoma Avenir finding himself in a desert on an unknown planet. He complains that whatever happened hurt and finds that Lily-Strosek is also there with him. He wonders aloud what happened and how he got here and how come Lily is also here. Lily doesn't know either and they recount that just before this he was going with Isis Egret to the training grounds while Lily was undergoing a medical check at the Engineering Department.

This is when the Bible of Silver Cross shows up and starts producing noises. Thoma accuses it of causing this, but Lily translates that it is saying that Thoma was summoned here. Thoma is puzzled by this but comments that summoning someone without warning is rude. In any case he decides that they cannot stay there.


Thoma and Lily react-engaging into Black Knight mode

Meanwhile, Lily notices that someone is coming and Thoma senses that someone is using mana and flying at them. Thoma decides to try avoiding confrontation, but in case it proves inevitable he wants to be prepared, so they React-Engage into Black Knight mode and set out to meet this person.

Destiny 14 Edit

Battle 1A: Hayate vs. Thoma Edit

The person Thoma and Lily noticed turns out to be Hayate Yagami. Hayate wonders if Thoma is as bad a person as he looks. Meanwhile Thoma exclaims aloud his suprise that "Commander Yagami" is so small while Lily wonders also aloud (while Reacted with Thoma) if there is an emergency and if that's why they were summoned. Hayate is suprised at hearing two voices and wonders if they are Unisoned. Lilly notices that Hayate is looking at them as if they are strangers so Thoma asks Hayate is she is Commander Yagami Hayate. Hayate confirms it but states that she doesn't get why is he calling her Commander and uses polite language to respond. This further shocks Thoma, since Hayate as his superior never used this form of address with him before.

Hayate asks them did they met before or did they mistake her for someone else. Furthermore Hayate figures that they aren't locals so asks to see their travel papers. Thoma and Lily confer non vocally and quickly figure out that neither of them has any IDs with them since Thoma left his own with Isis and Lily's are with Mariel Atenza. Hayate notices their silence and notes that this is very suspicious behavior and so asks them to tell her their story. Rather than face Hayate and TSAB without any documents they decide to flee and a fight breaks out.

After Hayate wins Thoma notes with suprise that none of his attacks connected while Lilly informs him that the Divider is malfunctioning and is no longer able to divide mana. Hayate notes to herself that the combat technique Thoma used is unusual and that compared to their looks Thoma and Lily don't seem like bad people.

This is when Reinforce flies and the fact that Hayate addresses her as Reinforce confuses them since they only know Reinforce Zwei and the person before them doesn't look like Reinforce they know. They conclude that given that the odds aren't in their favor now, and despite the fact that angering Hayate will be a terrible idea, they need to escape which they succed in by Lilly activating Silver Cross. When Hayate notices that they are gone she notably isn't particularly shocked. She only notes that it's good she took video of them so she can later arrange a search for them, but for now she needs to focus on going after the Materials.

Battle 1B: Reinforce vs. Thoma Edit

In this variant it turns out that it was Reinforce flying towards them. Lilly and Thoma are confused by Reinforce's appearance mainly due to having black wings which remind them of Hayate. Looking at Thoma Reinforce wonders if he might be a combat mage or a knight, given his looks and later notes that their power feels different from mana and wonders if they are even mages. Reinforce assumes to herself that they aren't local since they are currently on an uninhabited non-adminitrated world and Thoma confirms it by saying that they seem to have gotten lost, at which point Hayate flies in.

Like in other variant Thoma and Lily are shocked by how young Hayate looks, who in turn inquirers about them with Reinforce who explains that they claim to have gotten lost. Hayate asks them for their travel certificates since as she explains this is an non-administered world and therefore travel is not permitted without permissions. Neigher Lily nor Thoma have their IDs with them.

Thoma openly asks Hayate if she is Commander Hayate Yagami and clarifies that they were unexpectedly thrown here and laments out loud if all of this is a practical joke. Hayate notices that there are two voices coming from Thoma and wonders if they are also a Unison type. Hayate confirms that she is Hayate Yagami but wonders why he is referring to her as Commander. This leads Thoma to ask what year it is and when Hayate answers that it is 0066, he is shocked that he was thrown 15 years into the past. He does not believe it for a moment and wonders if it is some kind of test or a prank from the Huckebein. Given what they have learned, Thoma decides for them to run away. Hayate moves to stop them but Reinforce stops her, saying this is her fight and a battle breaks out.

After Reinforce wins, Lily notes that Divider is malfunctioning and that it cannot divide mana, Thoma is shocked by this and Reinforce notes that his combat technique that involves using pages of his tome is unusual. Hayate tries ordering Thoma to calm down and come with her. She introduces herself and Reinforce by their full titles. Finding out that this, according to Thoma, adult-looking person has the same name as their teacher Rein. This is too much for Thoma and Lily so they use the Silver Cross to escape.

Destiny 15 Edit

Battle 2A: Hayate vs. Liese twins Edit

Hayate runs into the Liese twins and is surprised by their presence. Liese Aria explains that they are on a mission on behalf of the Bureau at the request of Leti Lowran. Hayate tries offering their (her and Reinforce's) help only for Lotte Liese to turn her down. Lotte then asks Hayate if she is really herself, which surprises Hayate. Lotte then wonders this Hayate may be a Dark Fragment.

Aria tries to interject but Lotte orders her to shut up and asks Hayate if she remembers what happened during the time of A's and what they did to Hayate and her servants. Hayate replies she remembers, but that she also remembers Gil Graham. This causes Lotte to cut her off and ask her outright does she hate them or does she want to beat them up. Not getting a response out of Hayate, she states that the fact that Hayate does not seem to want to attack them or hate them is a proof that she is a fake, and hence attacks.

After the battle, Aria asks Lotte to stop fighting since Lotte is running out of stamina. Hayate explains that she is grateful to Graham for allowing her to live in comfort ever since she lost her parents. She further notes that while she knows what his plan was, she is aware that he did so only because he felt this was the only way to end the curse of the Book of Darkness, from which she was going to die in the end anyway. Hayate states that this is why she does not hate any one of them.

Lotte challenges Hayate's statement by saying that this feels like downplaying or whitewashing their actions. Hayate responds that if Lotte feels that she is someone who would lie like that, she cannot help. She further notes that she plans to spend her life bearing the responsibility for all the sins of the Book of Darkness, and will think very hard on how exactly she will accomplish this after the (current) incident is over. Unfortunately Aria notes that she will not be able to accept this right now (mostly due to Lotte) and Hayate responds that it is fine with her since that is life, and the twins fly away.

After the twins are gone, Reinforce flies in and asks Hayate if she just fought the twins. Hayate responds that they just mistook her for a Dark Fragment and their fight ended half way through, which does not exactly convince Reinforce. This is when shaking starts and Hayate notes that it is another spatial tremor (空間震動) while Reinforce notices a mana convergence (魔力集束) is also happening. Hayate wonders if the Materials are responsible for this and they set off to check it out.

Battle 2B: Reinforce vs. Liese twins Edit

Reinforce is surprised to run into Liese twins, and they in turn are not glad to have run into the Will of the Book of Darkness. Lotte Liese refuses to answer Reinforce's questions and states outright to her the fact that the threat of the Book of Darkness is no longer does not mean the sins have disappeared. Aria Liese tries to calm her down and Reinforce replies that she understands her anger, but the Defense Program which had caused the curse of the Book of Darkness is now gone, and soon even she herself the Master Program of the Unison Device (管制融合騎) will disappear and take with her the weight of those sins.

Unfortunately this is not enough for Lotte, who mentions how the curse has caused the deaths and destruction of lives, and asks Reinforce how it is that just because this has ended they can no longer blame her for it. Aria again tries to reign Lotte in while Reinforce answers that she is not asking for forgiveness and she intends to bear the burden of the entire blame. This is interpreted by Lotte as a confession and she attacks.

After the fight, Reinforce further admits to killing their student (Clyde Harlaown) and destroying Gil Graham's life, and then Lotte continues to mention about Clyde but is cut off by Aria. Aria then further chastises Lotte by saying that no matter how much Lotte blames Reinforce, it will not bring back what was lost. She then proposes that they should instead stop adding to their list of grievances and move on. Lotte agrees that she was wrong in attacking Reinforce, but is still unwilling to let go of her grudge and thinks she will never be able to do that.

Aria proposes, that since both sides have their own missions they should just stick to them and keep out of each other's way. After asking Reinforce to inform Hayate and the Wolkenritter of the same, they fly away. After they are gone, Hayate arrives and asks Reinforce if she just fought the Liese twins and if they said anything. Reinforce replies that they fought "a bit" and informs her of the agreement with Aria. She does not mention anything about Lotte's grudge against her.

Like in Battle 2A, at this point the space itself starts shaking (spatial tremor), Reinforce detects a mana convergence and they set off towards the source, with Hayate wondering if this might be caused by the Materials.

Destiny 16 & 17 (Hayate's path)Edit

Destiny 16 & 18 (Reinforce's path)Edit


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  1. ^ Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's Portable: The Gears of Destiny Official Strategy Guide Book.

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