Full Drive (フルドライブ Furu Doraibu) is the most powerful form of a Device. Some examples of Full Drive forms include:

  • Bardiche's Zanber Form and its many derived forms implemented in Bardiche Assault
  • Graf Eisen's Gigantform, which drastically increases the Device's size and destructive power
  • Laevatein's Bogenform, used by Signum to cast her most powerful ranged spell, Sturmfalken
  • Mach Caliber's Gear Exelion, which greatly increases Subaru's mobility and combat potential
  • Raising Heart's Exelion/Exceed Mode, used by Nanoha to cast her most destructive bombardment spells

In The Battle of Aces and The Gears of Destiny, this is a state in which characters gain increased attributes and can perform "Full Drive Burst" finishing moves.

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