"Fuka Reventon"
Vvs ep01
Episode guide
SeasonViVid Strike!
Japanese title「フーカ・レヴェントン」
(Fūka Reventon)
AirdateOctober 2, 2016

"Fuka Reventon" (「フーカ・レヴェントン」 Fūka Reventon) is episode 01 of ViVid Strike! It was originally broadcast on October 2, 2016.

Short summaryEdit

Fuka is saved by Einhard and later invited to join Nakajima Gym due to her potential talent in combat. She then becomes an Kaiser Arts apprentice of Einhard.

Long summaryEdit

Fuka Reventon is accidentally saved by Einhard Stratos after a fight with gangsters in the preceding night. After discharging from hospital, Fuka visits Nakajima Gym to find Einhard, who invites her to join the gym for learning striker skills, as well as for part time work.

Fuka's first work task assigned is to be the sparring opponent of Corona Timil, Rio Wesley, Miura Rinaldi and Vivio Takamachi, by whom she is knocked down individually. After knowing Vivio has once won Rinne Berlinetta in a match, Fuka is attempted by Einhard to learn how she can win Vivio. Einhard teaches Fuka to cast Hegemon Sky-severing Knuckle, which successfully rings out Vivio in their spar re-match, right before Fuka herself being judged as K.O. as she has also assumed high damage from Vivio's Accel Smash W.


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Spells castEdit


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