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SVC 1st Sheet017b
Caro and Friedrich in StrikerS
Character profile
Other namesFried
Silver Flying Dragon
Date of birthuncertain, some time after 0065
AffiliationCaro Ru Lushe
OccupationPet, Summon
Japanese nameフリードリヒ
First app.StrikerS manga (ch.6)

Friedrich (フリードリヒ Furīdorihi) is Caro Ru Lushe's dragon companion, whom she's had since he was hatched.


Friedrich's name is said to be a reference to Friedrich Nietzsche. An alternative spelling of it is "Friedlich" (German: "peaceful"). Caro often shortens it to a pet name "Fried" (pronounced like "freed").

Friedrich is also known as the "Silver Flying Dragon" (白銀の飛竜 Hakugin no Hiryū).

In StrikerSEdit

In StrikerS, Fried's weakness seems to be water: after plunging down into the ocean along with Caro and Erio Mondial, he reverts back to his baby dragon form and is later seen unconscious beside Caro, moments before she used Dragon Mount Summon.

In ViVidEdit

Caro brings Fried along with her on their trip to Carnaaji in ViVid.

In ForceEdit

In Force (ch.23-24), Fried is assist Caro and the others to battle against the Grendel family along with Teana Lanster.


Despite Fried's initial appearance as a baby dragon, his true form is eventually revealed to be that of an adult one. Although not as powerful as Caro's trump card Voltaire, he possesses considerable destructive power, therefore she has to seal his true form away to allow him to follow her in a familiar-like fashion instead of having to summon him. In the sealed form, Fried possesses only a fraction of his full power and his attacks are restricted to low-power fireballs that can be easily dodged by a skilled opponent. In case of emergency, she can temporarily remove the seal with with the Dragon Soul Summon spell.


Blast FlareMid-ChildaAttackBombardment


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