Forward Lightning
TSAB Logo Lightning
Organization profile
TypeSpecial forces
LocationMidchilda Southfort A73
LeaderFate T. Harlaown
Division ofAdministrative Bureau
Ground Armaments Service
Lost Property Riot Force 6
Japanese nameライトニング分隊
(Raitoningu Buntai)
First app.StrikerS (ep.5)
Last app.StrikerS (ep.26)

Forward Lightning (ライトニング分隊 Raitoningu Buntai)[1] was, along with Forward Stars, one of the two Forward teams of Lost Property Riot Force 6, commanded by Executive Officer Fate T. Harlaown.

The team's callsign presumably refers to Fate's (and Erio's) Lightning-type Mana Conversion Affinity.



Callsign Name Age Rank Position Mage rank Magic system Device
Lightning 01 Fate T. Harlaown 19 Executive Officer,
1st Captain equivalent
Commander S+ (Air) Midchilda Bardiche Assault
Lightning 02 Signum 29 2nd Air Captain Sub-Commander S- (Air) Ancient Belka Laevatein
Lightning 03 Erio Mondial 10 3rd Ground Member Guard Wing B (Ground) Modern Belka Strada
Lightning 04 Caro Ru Lushe 10 3rd Ground Member Full Back C+ (Ground) Midchilda Kerykeion


  1. ^ Forward Lightning at the Japanese Nanoha wiki.

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