Nanoha with Fortress and Strike Cannon
Device profile
Other namesCW-AEC00X Fortress
MasterNanoha Takamachi
Hayate Yagami
CreatorCaledfwlch Techniques
Magic systemSpecial (AEC)
TypeAEC Armament
Japanese nameフォートレス
First app.Force (ch.10)

CW-AEC00X Fortress (フォートレス Fōtoresu) is a magic-driven equipment set manufactured for Special Duty Section 6 by the Vaizen-based Caledfwlch Techniques in Force. It makes its debut in Force NEXT Design 06 (accompanying chapter 9B) before its first appearance in the series.


The model designation of Fortress, "CW-AEC00X", may stand for "Caledfwlch Anti-Eclipse Experimental Weapon 00".


Fortress appears primarily in Force. Disregard its testing stage, it first appears in Force (ch.10) when Nanoha Takamachi pursues Thoma Avenir, and is first used in combat against him and Arnage. Later in Force (ch.25), Hayate Yagami also equips with her full-set Fortress during the operation of Special Duty Section 6.

In the movie continuity, a redesigned version of Fortress will, together with redesigned Strike Cannon, appear as part of Raising Heart Exelion's new form in Reflection,[1] although it is yet to know how different from the primary continuity its origins/development will be.


Fortress consists of several pieces of equipment, including the Main Unit for general control and three types of multi-functional shields which also contain weapons.

Nanoha's full set contains one of each kinds of shield, whilst Hayate's full set contains two large shields and four middle shields (replacing her Sleipnir wings). In addition, Caro Ru Lushe does not equip with a full set of Fortress due to her build, but only the middle shields.

Units Description
Main Unit
The Main Unit is mounted on Nanoha's back. It can controls the shields according to the situation at hand. By loading a cartridge, it can generate energy wings similar to Axel Fin.
Beam Cannon Unit
The Fortress Shield Large and its built-in weapon, which is a Giant Beam Cannon for Bombardment Battles (砲戦用の大型粒子砲 drafted "Long Range Beam Cannon").
Plasma Cannon Unit
The Fortress Shield Middle (a.k.a. S2 Shield) and its built-in weapon, which is a Plasma Cannon for Mid-range Battles (中距離戦用プラズマ砲 drafted "Middle Range Burst Cannon").
Blade Unit
The Fortress Shield Small and its built-in weapon, which is a Solid Sword for Close-range Battles (近接戦用実体剣 drafted "Short Range Blade").
Cartridge Unit
The Cartridge Unit is on the waist. The energy loaded from cartridges are supplied to the gauntlet on the left arm.
Flight-Control Unit The Flight-Control Unit is mainly used to counter the Zero Effect and maintain the flight.


Using the built-in weapons, the user is capable of combat at any range. Shields floating around can generate defensive barriers automatically.

The Fortress is designed to be used in conjunction with Strike Cannon and the Main Unit can take control over it if needed.


  1. ^ Megami Magazine, 2017 June issue.

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