Formula Eltria (フォーミュラ・エルトリア Fōmyura Erutoria) is a unique magic system equivalent, or rather "sorcerous power manipulation skill" (魔導力運用技術 madōryoku unyō gijutsu), used by the Florian sisters in the portable continuity. It is named after the dimension/planet of its origin, Eltria.

In the movie continuity, it is simply named Formula (フォーミュラ Fōmyura), and is an "energy interference system" (エネルギー干渉術式 enerugī kanshō jutsushiki) developed in Eltria. To indicate its origin, it may be referred to as the "Eltrian Formula" (エルトリア式のフォーミュラ Erutoria shiki no Fōmyura).[1]


  1. ^ Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Reflection Official Guide Book.

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