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Flier Fin
Flier Fin
Flier Fin in The MOVIE 1st
Spell profile
Primary casterNanoha Takamachi
Magic systemMidchilda
Japanese nameフライアーフィン
(Furaiā Fin)
First app.Nanoha (ep.4)

Flier Fin (フライアーフィン Furaiā Fin) is the main spell Nanoha Takamachi uses for flying support. When cast, two small wings form near each of Nanoha's feet, and flap occasionally for acceleration or direction change.

Nanoha learns Flier Fin in Nanoha Sound Stage 01, wherein Yuuno Scrya refers to it as the last elementary spell and Nanoha refers to it as an "old fashioned" (decade old) looking maneuver. In The MOVIE 1st, however, it is cast by Raising Heart automatically.

Visually, the spell is possibly a reference to Card Captor Sakura, whose protagonist uses a similar magic called The Jump (跳).

Notable usesEdit

  • Flier Fin first appears in Nanoha (ep.4), and is usually used throughout A's, until replaced by Axel Fin after Raising Heart receives a cartridge system upgrade.
  • In The MOVIE 1st, Flier Fin is the first spell cast by Nanoha, or more precisely, by Raising Heart. The wings are redesigned and have larger sizes than those in the primary continuity.


Axel Fin (アクセルフィン Akuseru Fin)[2] is the enhanced version of the spell after the upgrade of Raising Heart. It is first cast in A's (ep.5) and remains as Nanoha's main flying spell in subsequent series. The wings are larger than those of Flier Fin in the primary continuity.



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  2. ^ "Axel Fin" is the spell name shown by Raising Heart. The normal transliteration from Japanese would be Accel Fin.

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