IS: Flawless Secretary
ISFlawless Secretary
Uno hiding herself from the Bureau
Spell profile
Other namesNon-Underminable Secretary
Primary casterUno
Magic systemSpecial (IS)
Japanese nameフローレス・セクレタリー
(Furōresu Sekuretarī)
First app.StrikerS

Flawless Secretary (フローレス・セクレタリー Furōresu Sekuretarī), also known as Non-Underminable Secretary (不可蝕の秘書), is the Inherent Skill of Uno. It is a set of passive abilities that encompass both high level stealth that is undetectable by conventional means and high performance of data gathering and processing.

Notable usesEdit

In StrikerS (ep.20-24), Uno hides herself and the Scaglietti Labo from the Administrative Bureau with the help of her Flawless Secretary abilities. However, she is eventually found and captured by Verossa Acous.


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