Finest Cannon
Finest Cannon
Spell profile
Primary casterAmitie Florian
Kyrie Florian
Magic systemFormula Eltria
Japanese nameファイネストカノン
(Fainesuto Kanon)
First app.Gears of Destiny

Finest Cannon (ファイネストカノン Fainesuto Kanon) is a bombardment attack used by both of the Florian sisters, fired with a pair of Variant Zapper.

Similar to the Midchildan Impact Cannon, its sorcerous cannonball is fired like a shooting attack instead of a lasting beam.


Finest Cannon is considered a reference to Dean Stark's Finest Arts twin-gun attack in the Wild Arms game series.

Notable usesEdit

Finest Cannon is the long-range bombardment attack of both Amitie Florian and Kyrie Florian in The Gears of Destiny.


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