Finest Cannon
Finest Cannon
Amitie charging Finest Cannon
in The Gears of Destiny
Spell profile
Primary casterAmitie Florian
Kyrie Florian
Magic systemFormula Eltria
Japanese nameファイネストカノン
(Fainesuto Kanon)
First app.Gears of Destiny
For the namesake equipment form, please refer to this article.

Finest Cannon (ファイネストカノン Fainesuto Kanon) is a bombardment attack used by both of the Florian sisters, fired with a pair of Variant Zappers. In the movie continuity, it is instead fired with Variant Unit's new Finest Cannon form.

Similar to the Midchildan Impact Cannon, its cannonball/projectile is fired like a shooting attack instead of a lasting beam.


Finest Cannon is considered a reference to Dean Stark's Finest Arts twin-gun attack in the Wild Arms game series.

Notable usesEdit


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