Fern Corrado
Fern Corrado
Character profile
HomeworldMidchilda (?)
AffiliationAerial Tactical Instructor Corps (formerly)
Fourth Ground Forces Academy
RankAA (Ground) (0066)[1][2]
Japanese nameファーン・コラード
(Fān Korādo)
First app.StrikerS manga (ch.4)

Major Fern Corrado (ファーン・コラード Fān Korādo) was the superintendent of the Fourth Ground Forces Academy in 0072, when Subaru Nakajima and Teana Lanster attended it.[1]


Fern was presumably named after Volkswagen Corrado.

In StrikerS mangaEdit

Before she was given a position at the Academy, Fern was member of the Aerial Tactical Instructor Corps.[3]

In a flashback during the StrikerS manga, it is revealed that she trained both Fate and Nanoha and defeated both in a mock battle fairly easily. She commented that it was impressive for 9-year-olds to be so strong, AAA in power, but she, a AA rank mage, was able to defeat them.[4]


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