Excellence Cannon
Variable Raid
Excellence Cannon FB
Excellence Cannon Full Burst
Spell profile
Primary casterNanoha Takamachi
Magic systemSpecial (AEC)
TypeBombardment (Guided)
Japanese nameエクサランスカノン
(Ekusaransu Kanon Variaburu Reido)
First app.Force (ch.12)

Excellence Cannon Variable Raid (エクサランスカノン ヴァリアブルレイド Ekusaransu Kanon Variaburu Reido) is a Bombardment spell cast by Nanoha Takamachi. It is a three-buster attack using both the Beam and Plasma Cannon Units of Fortress and Strike Cannon.

Firing from the AEC Armaments, it is able to effectively damage Thoma, who is otherwise magical bombardment-proof thanks to the effects of Eclipse.


Excellence Cannon Full Burst (エクサランスカノン フルバースト Ekusaransu Kanon Furu Bāsuto) is the full-powered version of the triple-bombardment attack.


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