Esquad Hückebein
Esquad Hückebein Force
CaptainStella Irvine
AllegianceHückebein family
Japanese name飛翔戦艇(エスクアッド)フッケバイン
(Esukuaddo Fukkebain)
First app.Force (ch.8)

Esquad Hückebein (飛翔戦艇(エスクアッド)フッケバイン Esukuaddo Fukkebain, lit. "Aerial Warship Hückebein") is an aerial battleship used by the Hückebein family as a mobile base of operations in Force. Its reactor engine is called "Wilhelm" (ヴィルヘルム Viruherumu) and is thought to be a Lost Logia, like the rest of the ship.[1]


"Esquad" is said to be the Ancient Belkan term for a small battleship.[1] It bears phonetic similarities to the antiquated German word "Eskader", meaning "naval squadron".


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