Chantez casting Octodectet
Spell profile
Primary casterChantez Apinion
Magic systemMidchilda
Japanese name重奏(アンサンブル)
First app.ViVid (ch.31)

Ensemble (重奏(アンサンブル) Ansanburu) is the clone magic and battle techniques used by Chantez Apinion in ViVid.


Ensemble comes from musical ensemble, which means a group of people performing music together. In Chantez's case, she and her clones are playing Phantasma the "Playing Swords" as their instrument.

Notable usesEdit

In ViVid (ch.31) / ViVid anime (ep.10), Chantez uses it in her Intermiddle match against Viktoria Dahlgrun.


Ensemble arrangements seen in the series include:

  • Playing Swords Duet (奏剣「二重奏(デュエット)[1] / 奏剣二重奏 デュエット[2] Sōken "Dyuetto" / Sōken Nijūsō Dyuetto, lit. Playing Swords Two Parts)
  • Trio (三重奏(トリオ)[1] / 三重奏 トリオ[2] Torio / Sanjūsō Torio, lit. Three Parts)
  • Fantasia Quartet (幻楽四重奏(カルテット)[1] / 幻楽四重奏 カルテット[2] Gengaku Karutetto / Gengaku Shijūsō Karutetto, lit. Illusionary Music Four Parts)
  • Octodectet (十八重奏(オクトデクテット)[1][2] Okutodekutetto, lit. Eighteen Parts)
  • Novemdectet (十九重奏(もうひとり)[1] / 十九重奏(ノヴェンデクテット)[2] Mō Hitori / Novendekutetto, lit. Nineteen Parts)


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