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MangaMagical Record Lyrical Nanoha Force
Japanese title「エンゲージ」
PublishedJuly 30, 2009

"Engage" (「エンゲージ」 Engēji) is the first chapter of Magical Record Lyrical Nanoha Force. It was originally published on July 30, 2009.


The chapter opens with Thoma sending a message to someone he calls "Su-chan" in Mid-Childa from a church in Ruwella. He is traveling to explore the local ruins with his Intelligent Device Steed. Upon arrival, he discovers a small armed force moving out of the ruins. Immediately thereafter he is telepathically contacted by Lily Strosek from inside the ruins, asking to help her, and sneaks in. Finding Lily, he suddenly feels pain in his left eye, which changes color to silvery-gray and starts to bleed. Nevertheless, he frees her as the military notices the intrusion and prepares in incinerate everything inside the ruins. Although his magic is too weak to stop incineration, he is boosted by Lily and both survive. Thoma emerges from the wreckage, displaying characteristics of someone in Unison and destroys the entire military force and much of the ruins with a single shot from the Divider. Snapping out, he is surprised to see his new outfit and Device, which quickly dissolve, as well as a silver "Engage Ring" Lily gave to him. After a formal introduction, Thoma and Lily hastily leave the ruins.

Meanwhile in St. Valerie Airport on Fedikia, Fate Testarossa, Teana Lanster, and Shario Finieno confiscate some stolen goods but the things they are looking for, the Silver Cross and the Divider, are not among them. The chapter closes with them stating that they'll not allow anyone to be infected with "Eclipse" and capture anyone already infected.


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