Florian family
The Florian family on Eltria
World profile
Japanese nameエルトリア
First app.Gears of Destiny

Eltria (エルトリア Erutoria) is the homeworld of the Florian family.

In the portable continuity, the planet has been slowly dying, and the Florian sisters look for ways to save it. It is not explained why Kyrie Florian knows Lord Dearche and the Examia crystal can help her. After the incident related to System U-D, the Materials and Yuri Eberwein travel to Eltria and help the Florian sisters to rebuild it.

In the movie continuity, Eltria is first introduced in Reflection. The timeline is then set at "EC4280" and the planet has similar background to that in the portable continuity. In addition, it also has a super long history and hence very advanced technologies, e.g. the Variant System.

Notable locationsEdit

  • Floriam Farm (and Residence)
  • Abandoned Church



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