Dusky Thrush
Dusky Thrush
Spell profile
Primary casterIsis Egret
Magic systemSpecial
Japanese nameダスキースラッシュ
(Dasukī Surasshu)
First app.Force (ch.14)

Black Perfume No.9 Dusky Thrush (黒の香(ブラックパフューム)No.9 ダスキースラッシュ Burakku Pafyūmu No.9 Dasukī Surasshu) is a shooting spell cast by Isis Egret in Force, using her perfume explosives.

The projectiles become blankets of strongly inflammable smoke around the target, which then explode.

It is first cast on Thoma to interrupt his attack on Subaru and Nanoha dominated by the Bible of Silver Cross.


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