Durandal Active Form Movie 2nd
Durandal in The MOVIE 2nd A's
Device profile
Other namesStaff of Freeze - Durandal
MasterLindy Harlaown (movie)
Chrono Harlaown
CreatorGil Graham,
Aria and Lotte Liese (primary)
Clyde Harlaown and
Lindy Harlaown (movie)
Magic systemMidchilda
Japanese nameデュランダル
First app.A's (ep.10)
Voiced byThomas King (primary)
Wayne Doster (movie)

Durandal (デュランダル Dyurandaru) is an extremely powerful Storage Device optimized for freezing opponents. He is given to Chrono Harlaown (whom he refers to as "Boss") by Aria Liese on Gil Graham's orders for the final battle in A's.

In the movie continuity, Durandal's origin has been rewritten that it was initially developed by Clyde Harlaown, but yet to complete during the previous Book of Darkness Incident in 0054. After Clyde's death, Lindy Harlaown had completed its development.[1]


Durandal is a reference to the holy sword Durendal from The Song of Roland.

His full name is "Staff of Freeze - Durandal" (氷結の杖デュランダル Hyōketsu no Tsue Dyurandaru).


Durandal appears in A's and A's manga (ch.7). His existence is first mentioned in A's (ep.7), but his first appearance (in standby form) is in A's (ep.10).

In the movie continuity, Durandal only appears in The MOVIE 2nd A's so far. He first appears in his standby form when Lindy is reminiscing about her late husband to Signum, and is activated briefly by Lindy as a guard during her short encounter with Vita. He then advises Lindy about the arrival of their allies before being used to cast any spells.

In the final battle against NachtWal, he returns with Chrono for casting Eternal Coffin to freeze NachtWal's Eroded Form.


Durandal Standby Form Movie 2nd

Durandal's standby form

  • In his standby form, Durandal appears as a white card, featuring a smaller blue rhombic gem.
  • In his active form, he appears as a white and blue staff. Exclusively in the MOVIE 2nd A's, there are four additional bit-like floating units along with the staff to assist the casting of freezing spells.


Durandal was developed, using the then-latest technology, by Gil Graham and the Lieses, in order to seal the Book of Darkness. Although he does not really have an individual will like the Intelligent Devices, he has a vocal answering system and a minimum level of self-judgment function.

In the movie continuity, it was initially developed by Clyde as a Lost Logia-tackling Device instead.[1]


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