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Thoma with his Divider in 2nd Form and the Bible of Silver Cross
Device profile
MasterThoma Avenir
Magic systemSpecial (EC)
TypeEC Divider
Japanese nameディバイダー996
(Dibaidā 996)
First app.Force (ch.0)

Divider-996 (ディバイダー996 Dibaidā 996) is Thoma Avenir's EC Divider in Force. In its first time of use, it refers itself to as EC Divider Code-996. When it is reacted with Thoma and Lily-Strosek (being the Reactor), it is referred as Divider-996 Strosek Reacted "Black Knight".

In Force (ch.21), Vandein Corporation has successfully copy the Divider-996 but it was stole by the Special Duty Section 6 due the divider creation was forbidden, while it have a another one wielding by Hades Vandein which is only the appearance same and not fully copy from the real one.


Divider-966 appears primarily in Force. "996" and "React STROSEK" are engraved on its body.


Form Description Appearances
The basic form which is half-revolver, half-survival knife. Force (ch.0) — present
Divider-996 2nd Form
(ディバイダー996 第2形態)
The second form when Thoma is in a "simulated React" without any Reactor. A sword-sized form which is silver, black and red in color. It also generates Thoma a buckler shield with blades on his left arm. Force (ch.7) — present
Divider-996 Strosek Reacted
The "complete version" of its 2nd Form, when it is reacted with Lily-Strosek. Force (ch.18) — present

The Device's form bears similarity to a Gunblade from Final Fantasy fame.



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