Device profile
MasterArnage of Hückebein
Magic systemSpecial (EC)
TypeEC Divider
Japanese nameディバイダー718
(Dibaidā 718)
First app.Force (ch.11)

Divider-718 is Arnage of Hückebein's Divider in Force. When it is reacted with Arnage, it is referred simply as Divider-718 Reacted. The aria of its React is "React! L/R Full Barrel!"[1]


Divider-718 appears primarily in Force along Arnage.

In chapter 11 to 12, it is used in the battle against Isis. In chapter 18 to 19, it is used in the battle against Matti.


Form Description Appearances
The basic form is a pair of gun-grip knives. Although shaped like blades, they can fire energy blasts like handguns. Force (ch.11) — present
Divider-718 Reacted
(ディバイダー718 リアクテッド)
The Reacted form takes form of two enormous firearms generated from the two grips. They may set up same or different firearms, including mass weapons.
Arnage's standard combination is twin gatling guns under her right arm and rocket launchers under her left, which is optimal for mid- and long-range battles.
Force (ch.11) — present
Divider-718 Reacted
"Plasma Cane"
(ディバイダー718 リアクテッド
The generated firearms become a pair of blades, which are not used for tearing but heat-cutting. It is effective against bulletproof opponents. The pair can also be combined into a plasma cannon, Plasma Discharger, to fire hot plasma which can melt down the opponents.[2] Force (ch.19) — present


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