Device Meister (デバイスマイスター Debaisu Maisutā), commonly shortened to simply Meister (Ger. "master"), is a qualified Device engineer. It is not to be confused with "Master", a generic term used by some Devices (e.g. Bardiche) to address their users.

Known MeistersEdit

Individuals known to have constructed more than one Device include:

Mariel Atenza has already obtained her Device Meister qualification in The MOVIE 2nd A's (0066), although the rating/grading is not known.[1] By the time of StrikerS (0075), Shari has also obtained an A (Master) for her Device Meister qualification.[2]

Uses of the termEdit

  • In the epilogue of A's, Reinforce Zwei calls Hayate Yagami "Meister". Originally it was thought to be an alternative term for "Master", but it is now believed that Rein refers Hayate to as her own creator at that moment.
  • In the online summary of StrikerS episode 13, it is explained that "Meister" refers to the creator of a Device, as it states "Agito does not have any memories about her 'Meister', i.e. her creator, nor does she have a 'Lord', i.e. a Unison partner."[3]
  • In ViVid chapter 12, Brunzel calls Lutecia Alpine "Meister".
  • In ViVid chapter 25, Star Saber calls Hayate "Meister".
  • In MOVIE 1st THE COMICS chapter 3, Bardiche calls Rynith "Meister".

The following, however, is considered to be a mis-use of the term:


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