"Desired Strength"
Chapter guide
MangaMagical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid
Japanese title「望んだ強さ」
(Nozomunda Tsuyosa)
PublishedFebruary 26, 2010

"Desired Strength" (「望んだ強さ」 Nozomunda Tsuyosa) is chapter 10 of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid. It was originally published on February 26, 2010.


The chapter begins with a flashback of Ingvalt and Olivie's mutual past on Shutra, as "remembered" by Einhard and written down in Ingvalt's memoirs. After they are done, Nove calls all of them to the training ground, where Subaru, Teana, Nanoha, Fate, Erio and Caro are having a mock battle. Einhard is shocked and impressed by their magical and physical conditioning but Vivio explains about their jobs in the TSAB. Afterwards, Vivio whisks Einhard off for a workout, while Lutecia informs Corona that her new Intelligent Device is almost done. Inside the Alpine house, Megane talks with the newly-arrived Sein, who contemplates "a little hot spring surprise" for the rest.


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