Delayed Bind
Spell profile
Primary casterChrono Harlaown
Magic systemMidchilda
Japanese nameディレイドバインド
(Direido Baindo)
First app.A's manga (ch.2)

Delayed Bind (ディレイドバインド Direido Baindo) is a preset binding spell cast by Chrono Harlaown. It has a distinct feature to be cast in advance and then bind the opponent who enters a specific area.

Note that Delayed Bind is only one of the preset binding spells. The delayed occurrence effect can also be added to other binding spells, e.g. Fate Testarossa's Lightning Bind and Nanoha Takamachi's Restrict Lock. In its only appearance in the primary continuity, Chrono's Delayed Bind is also shaped like Chain Bind, but it is not detailed whether the spell is simply Chain Bind plus delayed occurrence effect.

Notable usesEdit


Hound Sphere (ハウンドスフィア Haundo Sufia) is a slow auto-guided variation of Delayed Bind, adapted as one of Chrono's charged binding spells in The Gears of Destiny. Its visual effects in the game are same as Delayed Bind.


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