David Bunnings
Character profile
FamilyBunnings family
Japanese nameデビッド・バニングス
(Debitto Baningusu)
First app.Nanoha novel (mentioned)
Reflection (official)
Voiced byDaisuke Takahashi

David Bunnings (デビッド・バニングス Debiddo Baningusu)[1] is the father of Arisa Bunnings and the husband of Jodie Bunnings.


According to the Japanese Nanoha wiki, the Japanese of his first name in Nanoha novel was rendered Debitto (デビット), which is also translated as David for name.

In Nanoha and A'sEdit

David is first mentioned in Nanoha novel, although he does not really make an appearance therein. Due to the friendship between Arisa and her classmate Nanoha Takamachi, David has also befriended Nanoha's father Shiro Takamachi, with whom he shares the same interest in soccer.

In A's (Sound Stage 03), David presumably joins the other families for the flower-watching party in April 0066, as his name is being mentioned.

Alternate continuitiesEdit


David only appears in Reflection so far.

In Reflection, as his company is pre-opening an amusement park named "Allston Sea", he and his family visit the park along with the families of Arisa's schoolmates. Meanwhile, his company also salvages from the sea of Uminari City a gigantic crystal (which eventually turns out to be the Examia), and he places it in the park's aquarium as decoration.


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