Curren Hückebein
Curren 213
Character profile
Other namesSis / Curren Sis
SpeciesEclipse Driver
FamilyHückebein family
SystemSpecial (EC)
DeviceBible of Silver Cross (?)
Japanese nameカレン・フッケバイン
(Karen Fukkebain)
First app.Force (ch.13)

Curren Hückebein (カレン・フッケバイン Karen Fukkebain)[1] is the leader of the Hückebein family in Force.


Her first name is presumably a reference to the Toyota Curren. Early translations have also rendered her first name as "Karen".

The Hückebein members generally call her Sis (姉貴 aneki), or Curren Sis (カレン姉 Karen nē) (by Stella Irvine and Arnage).


Curren is shown to have a rather easygoing and bubbly personality.

In ForceEdit

Curren first appears in Force (ch.13), stabbing Hayate Yagami with her katana when she is casting Heimdall against the Esquad Hückebein. Erio Mondial and Vita prepare to counter-attack, but they are easily defeated and their Strike Cannon and War Hammer are broken along with her katana. Curren order the other Hückebein members to return to the Esquad and leave the place. When all of the members are back to the Esquad, Veyron asks Curren why doesn't she just kill Hayate, and she replies that it will only make the situation become even worse.

Curren later orders every Hückebein member to attack Vandein Corporation for getting more information about the "Fake Hückebein" and what they are trying to do. She leaves a message to Special Duty Section 6 after she kills one of the managers at Vandein Corporation. When she returns to the Esquad, she discovers that Hades Vandein is detained by Special Duty Section 6. She then decides to find him along with Veyron and Sonica Lilian to obtain more information. When they arrive at the jail and talk with Hades, Hades asks Curren to bring Thoma Avenir to him to exchange for an information about the "Seed of Origin", but Curren refuses and replies that she can obtain such information with his body by using Sonica's memory-reading power.

The conflict and fight between Hades and them are interrupted by Fate T. Harlaown, Erio and Subaru Nakajima. Curren tells Fate that Hades is a dangerous person and she have to be sure to look at him. She then transforms into her "youth mode" and casts Cinderella to break the jail for leaving. While Curren leaves the jail, Veyron and Sonica are injured by Hades and Veyron's heart is ripped out. She tells Sonica to calm down and brings Veyron back to the Esquad, as he will still be alive provided his brain not being damaged. After Veyron wakes up and demands for a revenge on Hades, Curren tells him to clam down and take a rest. As Veyron does not listen to her order, Rosalia helps to stop him and Curren uses Briar Rose to stop Veyron from leaving the Esquad.

Alternate continuitiesEdit


Curren only make a brief cameo appearance in a flashback of Thoma and Lily in Gears of Destiny.


Curren is seen wielding a indigo-white-colored Bible of Silver Cross, whose pages she uses as blades. The details of her Divider are not known, although she occasionally wields different kinds of swords (without AI, possibly Storage Devices) as weapons. When she makes her debut in the series, she wields a katana that injures Hayate and is then broken along with Erio's and Vita's Strike Cannons. Later when the Hückebein attacks Vandein Corporation, she wields a rapier.

Curren also has an ability similar to the Adult Mode, although it is unclear what her real age is and thus whether she is a child transforming into an adult (like Vivio and her friends) or the other way around. She turns into a teenager version of herself when fighting Fate at the Rezona Jail, and briefly moves at a speed that even Fate is not able to keep up with.[2]


Briar RoseSpecial (EC)CaptureBind
CinderellaSpecial (EC)AttackArea-of-effect
Snow WhiteSpecial (EC)AttackShooting



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