Crimson Slash
Crimson Slash in The Gears of Destiny
Spell profile
Primary casterThoma Avenir
Magic systemSpecial (EC)
Japanese nameクリムゾンスラッシュ
(Kurimuzon Surasshu)
First app.Force (ch.20)

Crimson Slash (クリムゾンスラッシュ Kurimuzon Surasshu) is a strong shooting attack cast by Thoma Avenir when he is React-Engaged with Lily-Strosek.

As portraited in The Gears of Destiny, Crimson Slash launches a strong blade-shaped projectile/shockwave in a slash in the mid-range. The launch is a utilization of the divide effect of Dividers.[1]

Notable usesEdit

  • In Force (ch.20), Thoma (React-Engaged) casts it against the Luminous Dragon attack of Signum (Unisoned with Reinforce Zwei) during their mock battle.
  • In Force (ch.22), Thoma (React-Engaged) attempts to attack Kurt Grendel with Crimson Slash,[2] but Kurt blocks Thoma's Divider-996 and breaks it with Divide Break before Crimson Slash is launched.
  • Crimson Slash is also adapted in The Gears of Destiny as one of React-Engaged Thoma's long-range attacks.


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