Spell profile
Other namesGolem Create
Primary casterCorona Timil
Magic systemMidchilda
CategorySummoning (?)
Japanese name創成起動(クリエイション)
First app.ViVid (ch.12)

Creation (創成起動(クリエイション) Kurieishon, lit. "Creation Activation") is a spell cast by Corona Timil to "create" a golem for further manipulation in ViVid. As a Midchildan Square is used without canonical explanation, it is not known whether the spell is a summoning spell.

Using a crystal terminal as the core and filling it with mana, the shape of the refined matter can be manipulated in Corona's will. Before receiving Brunzel, Corona can only create a puppet-sized golem. As Vivio Takamachi likes this magic and, feeling encouraged by that, Corona has refined it to her specialty. With the assistance of Brunzel, a giant golem named Goliath can be created.


The secondary spell name or command phrase after the aria is "Golem Create" (ゴーレム創成(クリエイト) Gōremu Kurieito).

Notable usesEdit

Rio's Golem

Rio's golem in ViVid LIFE

  • In the side story of ViVid LIFE Advance, Rio Wesley also manages to create a tiny golem resembling herself, which is named Chibi Rio (ちびリオ Chibi Rio). Later during the visit to Leuven in ViVid LIFE Interval Chapter, she also creates it to show Yen Lankwai and Xue Rosen.

Possible uses of the spell are noted as follows:

  • In The MOVIE 1st, the "puppet soldiers" in the Garden of Time are also golems created by Presea Testarossa, set with autonomous-action programs (instead of manipulated by Presea).[1] However, it is not explained whether the underlying spell is also Creation, and a Midchildan Circle is used for each golem.


Meist Arts (創成戦技(マイストアーツ) Maisuto Ātsu) is the fusion of Golem Create and Corona's Strike Arts. The main spells under this fusion include Meist Arm and Nephilim Fist.


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