Counter Bind
Einhard casting her signature attack after binding Nove
Spell profile
Primary casterEinhard Stratos
Magic systemAncient Belka
Japanese nameカウンターバインド
(Kauntā Baindo)
First app.ViVid (ch.4)

Counter Bind (カウンターバインド Kauntā Baindo) is a binding spell of mana chains under the Ancient Belkan system. Apparently, it looks similar to Chain Bind under the Midchildan system.

If the spell is cast when being attacked in the cross range, successful rate of the binding is high, but likely the cost is to give up defensing.


The spell may have a more proper spell name in Belkan language, as Counter Bind is only the name/technique referred to by Nove Nakajima in ViVid manga (but not anime), as well as the adaptation of Agito's similar spell in a Force-crossover card in Aquarian Age card game.[1]

Notable usesEdit


  1. ^ Aquarian Age, Saga 3 #EX0474.

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