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Claus G.S. Ingvalt
Claus as seen in a flashback in ViVid
Character profile
Other namesHegemon of Shutra
HomeworldOld Belka
Date of deathuncertain
FamilyEinhard Stratos (descendant)
AffiliationShutra (Empire)
ColorSilvery green
SystemAncient Belka
Japanese nameクラウス・G・S・イングヴァルト
(Kurausu G.S. Inguvaruto)
First app.ViVid (ch.6, flashback)
Voiced byYūma Uchida

Claus G.S. Ingvalt (クラウス・G・S・イングヴァルト Kurausu G.S. Inguvaruto) was the Hegemon of Shutra during the Ancient Belkan Era. According to Carim Gracia, he was one of the great leaders of his age, along with Olivie the Saint King and Ixpellia the Dark Ruler of Galea.[1]


The official spelling of his name is not known. His first name is probably from common German names such as Claus, Klaus, Kraus and Krauss. His middle names G.S. are yet to be revealed. His family name may be Ingwald (with most matched German pronunciation),[2] Ingwald or Inquart.

Claus also owned the title Hegemon of Shutra (シュトゥラの覇王 Shutura no Haō), or simply Hegemon (覇王 Haō).

In ViVidEdit

Young Claus Ingvalt ViVid

Claus as a child

Claus Ingvalt was born as the first prince of Shutra, an ally empire of the Saint Kings, during the Ancient Belkan age before Saint King Unification War. When the future last Saint King, Olivie Sägebrecht, was sent to Shutra as a political hostage, the two of them soon developed a very close relationship (though whether it was sibling-like or romantic isn't clear).[3] Claus and Olivie were considered the strongest fighters of the era. Claus in particular was described as a "warrior with the strength of a thousand men".[3]

In chapter 7, his distant descendant Einhard Stratos dreams about Olivie leaving an injured Claus on a battlefield, presumably going off to sacrifice her life and the Cradle to end the war. It is implied that his failure to end the War and save Olivie's life haunted him and his descendants (including Einhard herself) for a full century since the end of Saint King Unification War. Ingvalt's memoirs found in Lutecia Alpine's library in chapter 10 additionally reveal that he died soon after Olivie.

Although Ingvalt is long dead by the time of ViVid, his bloodline lives on, sporadically displaying glimpses of his former power. Einhard comments that some of his descendants, like herself, inherit his magical talents, the use of Kaiser Arts, as well as some of his memories, his silvery green hair, and heterochromia. Einhard's motivation in ViVid is to fulfill Ingvalt's wish of protecting what he held dear but failed to save.


Claus wielded a claymore as weapon, which may have been his Device.[4] In additon to being among strongest combat mages of all times alongside Olivie, Claus was stated to have the "strength of a thousand men", possibly indicating tremendous physical strength.


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