Following is a compiled timeline of important events in the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha series. The Mid-Childan New Calendar, as seen in StrikerS, is used to date the recent events. This timeline reflects the primary continuity of the Nanoha franchise, with dates from alternate continuities sometimes used to fill in the gaps, as long as they don't contradict the primary continuity events.


Ancient timesEdit

Prehistory (先史 Senshi) / Warring Ages
Belka expands its own territory not only into other countries but also other worlds thanks to the use of advanced mass-based weapons. Belkan scientific advances are attributed to technological outflow from Al-Hazard over 1000 years ago. Around the same time, with great technological advancements in the field of human life manipulation, many Kings decide to magically strengthen their own bodies and force that same fate upon their descendants. However, the Warring Ages end with the fall of the Belkan nation after their homeworld becomes an uninhabitable due hundreds years worth of pollution, possibly caused by the unrestrained use of mass weaponry.
Saint King Unification War
The Saint King lineage transfers itself to peripheral worlds using the Saint's Cradle and sets out to rebuild their empire after its collapse with the fall of Belka. The resulting war ends with the loss of the Cradle and the death of the last member of the Belkan royal family. The Belkan survivors settle down quietly across the multiverse and abandon their old ethnonym completely. It is also around this time that the Ancient Belka magic system is completely lost in time, except for the parts stored in the Book of Darkness.

Although canon sources are vague about the dates, it may be inferred that the Saint King Unification War ended some 20 years before the adoption of the modern Mid-Childan calendar.[1]

Modern eraEdit

See also characters' birth years.

The last member of the Belkan royal family, Olivie Sägebrecht, becomes an object of worship for putting an end to the war and the Saint Church is formed as a result. Mid-Childa, as the new dominant power of the multiverse, bans mass-based weaponry due the great danger associated with it. TSAB is established to promote peace among the dimensional worlds. Saint Church becomes the successor to many Belkan traditions and, in return for their cooperation with TSAB, is granted a region in the Northern Mid-Childa that is now the Belkan Self-Administrated Area.

The New Calendar is adopted.
Precia Testarossa is born.
Gil Graham saves a TSAB employee on Earth and is introduced to magic. (A's)
Alicia Testarossa is born.
Lindy Harlaown is born.
Alicia Testarossa dies in a magic accident. (Nanoha)
Jail Scaglietti develops reliable means to produce Combat Cyborgs for the first time. (StrikerS)
Chrono Harlaown is born.
The first serial Number, Uno, is activated. (StrikerS)
The penultimate Book of Darkness Incident. Clyde Harlaown is KIA. (A's)
The second Number, Due, is activated. (StrikerS)
The third Number, Tre, is activated. (StrikerS)
Yuuno Scrya, Nanoha Takamachi and Hayate Yagami are born.
Official date of birth of Fate Testarossa.
Official date of birth of Ginga Nakajima.
Teana Lanster is born.
Tredia Graze discovers the first Mariage.[2] (StrikerS SSX)
Official date of birth of Subaru Nakajima.
Cinque (Number #5) is activated. (StrikerS)
Runessa Magnus is born.
Fate Testarossa, a clone of Alicia, is activated. (Nanoha SS02)
Rinis is created (presumed date).
Sein (Number #6) and Quattro (Number #4) are activated in spring and autumn, respectively. (StrikerS)
Arf is created.
Dieci (Number #10) is activated. (StrikerS)
Tredia Graze receives assistance from Jail Scaglietti and begins to mass-produce Mariage.[2] (StrikerS SSX)
Rinis creates Bardiche and disappears. (Nanoha SS02)
Genya and Quint Nakajima adopt Ginga and Subaru.[3] (StrikerS)
The Jewel Seed Incident.[4] Precia and Alicia Testarossa go missing. (Nanoha)
Ca. June 3 to December 24: The final Book of Darkness Incident.[5]
Reinforce is destroyed along with the corrupted parts of the Book, rendering it safe (possibly, as late as 0066). (A's)
Erio Mondial, Caro Ru Lushe, and Lutecia Alpine are born.
The Shroud of the Saint King is stolen from the Church. (StrikerS)
Fate, Nanoha, and Hayate enlist as a TSAB cadets.[6] (A's manga)
Tohma Avenir is born on Vaizen.
Isis Eaglet is born.
The Combat Cyborg Incident. Quint Nakajima and Zest Grangaitz are killed. Megane Alpine falls into coma. (StrikerS)
Reinforce Zwei is created.
Nanoha Takamachi is severely injured by Type IV Gadget Drones and spends many months in rehab (presumable date[7]). (StrikerS)
Tiida Lanster is involved in a bad case, disgraced, and KIA. (StrikerS)
Vice Granscenic accidentally injures his sister Laguna in a hostage incident gone bad and quits the sniper career path. (StrikerS)
Official date of birth of Vivio Takamachi.
Erio discovers the truth about his nature and is taken away from his family by an unknown illegal research group. After TSAB locates and shuts said group down, he is moved to the Bureau's Special Care Center. (StrikerS)
Nove (Number #9) is activated. (StrikerS)
Nanoha, Hayate, and Fate meet in A's epilogue.
The Three Aces first encounter a Relic and Dr. Scaglietti's Gadget Drones. (StrikerS manga)
The Coastal Airport 8 fire (the "Airport Fire Incident") on Mid-Childa. (StrikerS)
Caro Ru Lushe is banished by her tribe. (StrikerS)
Chrono marries Amy Limietta.[8]
Wendi (Number #11) is activated. (StrikerS)
Subaru Nakajima enlists as TSAB cadet and is teamed up with Teana Lanster. (StrikerS manga)
Twins Karel and Liera Harlaown are born.
Zest Grangaitz and Lutecia Alpine rescue Agito. (StrikerS)
Teana Lanster and Subaru Nakajima complete their training and enlist in the Ground Forces disaster relief branch. (StrikerS manga)
Erio leaves the Special Care Center and enlists as TSAB private. (StrikerS manga)
Tredia Graze is killed and devoured by the Mariage.[2] (StrikerS SSX)
Touma Avenir survives an attack that destroys his entire town on Vaizen. (Force)
Riot Force 6 is formed. (StrikerS)
The final batch of the Numbers, consisting of Sette (#7), Otto (#8), and Deed (#12), are activated. (StrikerS)
The JS Incident. TSAB High Council, General Regius Gaiz, Due, and Zest Grangaitz are killed. Megane Alpine awakens and enters rehab. (StrikerS)
Riot Force 6 is dissolved.
The Berlinetta family adopts Rinne. (ViVid Strike!)
November 12: Roy Berlinetta dies. (ViVid Strike!)
Ca. June 25:[9] The Mariage Incident. (StrikerS SSX)
Vivio Takamachi and Einhalt Stratos participate in the 0079 DSAA Inter-Middle championship. (ViVid)
Fuka Reventon joins the Nakajima Gym. (ViVid Strike!)
The Bible of Silver Cross incident and the Eclipse crisis. (Force)


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