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Cartridge system

Raising Heart Exelion and Bardiche Assault's cartridge systems and cartridges, as seen in The MOVIE 2nd A's

The cartridge system (カートリッジシステム kātorijji shisutemu) is a Device upgrade that allows to momentarily boost its power output by consuming "cartridges", small capsules shaped like blank rifle rounds that contain compressed magical energy. When used in a Device, it releases that energy all at once, providing a power boost.


Traditionally, the cartridge system has been associated with Armed Devices, especially of the Ancient Belkan magic system, since was the Belkans who invented them in the first place. It may be inferred that the modern name for the system is a recent Mid-Childan invention, but it is unknown what the Belkans called it themselves.

When Ancient Belkan cartridge system is used to provide mana support for Mid-Childan magic system, it is referred as a hybrid cartridge system (ハイブリッドカートリッジシステム haiburiddo kātorijji shisutemu), although due to safety and stability problems, e.g. the strain on user, it was not widely used for a long time. To maintain stability in battle, Intelligent Devices like Raising Heart and Bardiche provide feedback to their master and exercise tight control over the cartridge system usage.[1]

By the time of StrikerS, however, cartridge systems are said to have become much more reliable to use.


The parts for Raising Heart's automatic rifle-style cartridge system are designated "CVK792-A", while Bardiche's revolver-style system has the code "CVK792-R". The code "CVK-792" specifically refers to the (Ancient) Belkan cartridge system, according to Amy Limietta.


Following Devices are equipped with a cartridge system:


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