Carrie Tercel
Carrie Tercel
Carrie holding her Device
Character profile
DeviceUnnamed gadget
Japanese nameキャリー・ターセル
(Kyarī Tāseru)
First app.ViVid Strike! (ep.2, poster)
ViVid Strike! (ep.3)
Voiced byMiki Hase

Carrie Tercel[1] (キャリー・ターセル Kyarī Tāseru) is a Striker Championship athlete first introduced in ViVid Strike! anime series.


Her family name is presumably a reference to the Toyota Tercel.

In ViVid Strike!Edit

Carrie is a DSAA U15 Striker with world rank #8. In episode 3, she is knocked out by Rinne Berlinetta in their striker match.

In episode 12, she appears again in her video message to Rinne after Rinne's private match with Fuka Reventon. In the message, she tells Rinne that she wants to have a rematch with her, as well as to fight against Fuka in the next U15 tournament.


Carrie's Device is a cellphone-like gadget that can display Midchildan language (e.g. STAND BY READY) on its outer-monitor. It is apparently absorbed into Carrie's body for auxiliary control when activated.

Like many other U15 Strikers, Carrie enters Adult Mode in her championship matches.


  1. ^ ViVid Strike!, episode 02.

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