Bloody Dagger
Nanoha surrounded by Bloody Dagger
Spell profile
Other namesBlutiger Dolch
Primary casterReinforce
Magic systemAncient Belka
TypeShooting (Guided)
Japanese nameブラッディダガー
(Buraddi Dagā)
First app.A's (ep.10)

Bloody Dagger (ブラッディダガー Buraddi Dagā, German: Blutiger Dolch) is a lock-on auto-guided shooting spell cast by Reinforce (as the will of the Book of Darkness) in A's.

The spell generates a ring of red daggers resembling kunai with the bottom half of the ring missing, then fires them leaving trails of red light. The ring of daggers can point outwards from the caster or inwards surrounding the target. They are extremely useful for trapping enemies. The aria for this spell is "Bring forth spears and infuse them with blood. Drill through, Bloody Dagger!"


Bloody Dagger is the spell name used in most canon sources. When it is first cast, the Book of Darkness in Reinforce's hand also states the name in German, i.e. Blutiger Dolch (proper kanas: ブルーティガードルヒ Burūtigā Doruhi).



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