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Blast Flare
(Top) Nanoha dodges Fried's Blast Flare
(Bottom) Fried unleashes Blast Ray
Spell profile
Primary casterFriedrich (Caro Ru Lushe)
Magic systemMid-Childa
First app.StrikerS (ep.3)

Blast Flare (ブラストフレア Burasuto Furea) is Caro's offensive ability that is not actually a real spell, but Fried's inherent fire-breathing ability boosted by Caro's magic.

It is used like a shooting spell. With Caro's Boost magic, it carries explosive upon shot and simple binding effects.


  • Blast Ray (ブラストレイ Burasuto Rei) is used while Fried is in his true form. Unlike Blast Flare, it is a very potent fiery bombardment, with a destructive power in par with an AA-rank magic attack.


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