Black Curtain
Black Curtain
Fabia's opponent facing illusion
Spell profile
Primary casterFabia Crozelg
Magic systemSpecial (?)
CategoryIllusion (?)
Japanese name失せよ光明(ブラックカーテン)
(Burakku Kāten)
First app.ViVid (ch.25)

Black Curtain (失せよ光明(ブラックカーテン) Burakku Kāten, lit. Disappear Light) is a spell cast by Fabia Crozelg in ViVid. It is presumably part of her Enchant Curse skills.

As depicted in the anime, the spell first turns the opponent's vision into darkness, and then one of the Petit Devils in giant size swallows the opponent, inside which the opponent faces horror illusion.

Notable usesEdit


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