Bind Break "Unchain Mode"
Vivio breaking Nanoha's bind
Spell profile
Primary casterVivio Takamachi
Magic systemMidchilda (?)
Japanese nameバインドブレイク
(Baindo Bureiku
"Anchein Mōdo"
First app.ViVid (ch.96)

Bind Break "Unchain Mode" (バインドブレイク「アンチェインモード」 Baindo Bureiku "Anchein Mōdo") is a decline-type supportive spell that can dispel a binding spell with spiral/rotational arm movements.

A variation of Bind Break based on the spell name, it is developed by Vivio Takamachi with her "water-slashing" technique, similar to another bind-breaking spell Unchain Knuckle.

Notable usesEdit

Vivio casts it in ViVid (ch.96) to break Nanoha Takamachi's bind during their show match at the Administrative Bureau's Air Armament Services.


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