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Barrier Break
Barrier Break
Spell profile
Primary casterAlph
Subaru Nakajima
Magic systemMidchilda
Modern Belka
Japanese nameバリアブレイク
(Baria Bureiku)
First app.Nanoha (ep.5)

Barrier Break (バリアブレイク Baria Bureiku) is a Midchildan decline-type supportive spell to invalidate the defensive film of barrier-type spells. The Modern Belkan version shares the same name when developed.

In the early series, it is primarily cast by Alph to break barriers with her claws or knuckles. She seems to be very good with this spell as she is able to break the barriers of Presea Testarossa and Vita.

In StrikerS, Subaru Nakajima also uses this spell effectively with her Revolver Knuckle in close combats. She generally breaks a barrier by forcing her fingers (in Revolver Knuckle) through it and then clenching them into a fist.

Notable usesEdit

  • Barrier Break is first seen casting by Alph on Yuuno Scrya's barrier in Nanoha.
  • In the Garden of Time, Alph casts it to break Presea's barrier.[1]
  • In A's (ep.2), Alph casts it to break Vita's Panzerhindernis.
  • In StrikerS (ep.1), Subaru casts Barrier Break against an auto-sphere during her mage rank examination.


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