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Bardiche Assault
Bardiche Assault in Assault Form
Device profile
Other namesBardiche
MasterFate Testarossa
Magic systemMidchilda
Japanese nameバルディッシュ・アサルト
(Barudisshu Asaruto)
First app.Nanoha (ep.4)
Voiced byKevin J. England

Bardiche (バルディッシュ Barudisshu) is an Intelligent Device created for Fate Testarossa by Rynith, and is upgraded to Bardiche Assault (バルディッシュ・アサルト Barudisshu Asaruto) in A's.

He refers to Fate as "sir" despite her gender, signifying that he may be as old-fashioned as his namesake. He only speaks English (Midchildan language).


Historically, a "bardiche" is a type of polearm that was used in medieval and renaissance Europe, especially in Eastern Europe and Russia.

Fans also jokingly refer to Fate's car in StrikerS as "Cardiche" because it has the same color scheme as Bardiche.


Fate Bardiche

Bardiche Assault as a 5th Generation Device in Force

So far, Bardiche appears alongside Fate in TOS, A's manga, A's, StrikerS manga, StrikerS, ViVid and Force.

Bardiche Assault is the upgraded form of Bardiche after being badly damaged in the first fight with Signum's Laevatein in A's. Due to his request, Bardiche is upgraded with a revolver-style Belkan cartridge system. Like Raising Heart Exelion, Bardiche is then officially renamed to Bardiche Assault but similar to how Nanoha Takamachi still calls her Device Raising Heart, Fate still calls hers Bardiche.

By the time of Force, he is further upgraded as an experimental "5th Generation Device", which could turn mana into physical energy to confront anti-magic effects.


Primary continuityEdit

Bardiche has assumed following forms/modes in the primary continuity:

Form Description Appearances
Bardiche (バルディッシュ)
Standby Form
Bardiche's unactivated form, in the shape of a golden triangular gem on a pedestal. Nanoha (ep.4) — A's
Device Form
Default "staff" form, resembling a bardiche or bearded axe. Photon Lancer appears to be easier to cast in this form. Nanoha (ep.4) — A's
Scythe Form
Bardiche's axe head flips up 90 degrees and a curved blade of golden energy springs from the gap, causing the Device to resemble a scythe. This form can use Arc Saber. Nanoha (ep.5) — A's
Sealing Form
Bardiche's axe head flips up 180 degrees and extends away from the handle, releasing three wings of energy from below the base, looking like a spear. This form can use Sealing and Thunder Rage. Nanoha (ep.5) — A's
Bardiche Assault (バルディッシュ・アサルト)
Standby Form
Unchanged from Bardiche's original Standby Form. A's (ep.4) — present
Assault Form
Identical to Device Form (which it replaces), except for the addition of a cartridge system below the head. Plasma Lancer appears to be easier to cast in this form. A's (ep.4) — present
Haken Form
Enhanced version of Scythe Form, with 3 smaller fin blades which give Bardiche a forked appearance. This form can use Haken Saber. A's (ep.5) — present
Zanber Form
Bardiche's blade splits in two and a spike emerges from the top of the head, forming a trident shape which becomes the hilt of an enormous energy sword. This form can use Jet Zanber, Sprite Zanber and Plasma Zanber Smasher. A's (ep.11) — present
Riot Blade
Compressed version of the Zanber Form in the size of a normal saber. Appears to have enhanced cutting power as it destroys Thread Cage with ease. StrikerS (ep.24) — Force
Riot Zanber
Has only been used by Fate in conjunction with Sonic Drive. Can be switched between two sub-forms by physically joining or separating its components:
Riot Zanber Stinger (ライオットザンバー・スティンガー) takes the form of two Riot Blades connected by a string of energy at their pommels.
Riot Zanber Calamity (ライオットザンバー・カラミティ) is the combination of the two Riot Blades, resembling a larger Zanber Form.
StrikerS (ep.24) — Force
Riot Blade II
Enhanced version of Riot Blade and Riot Zanber Stinger with a different appearance. Can take the form of a single Riot Blade, a pair of Riot Blades (without Riot Zanber Stinger's "energy string"), or a pair of Riot Blades connected at their pommels. Force (ch.9) — present
Riot Zanber II
Enhancement of Riot Zanber Calamity. This form is to have an over-spec warship/aerial-suppressing level of power. Force (ch.14) — present

Bardiche's Zanber Form is almost identical to the "Zankantou" (Colossal Blade in the Atlus translation) wielded by Sanger Zonvolt's Thrudgelmir in Super Robot Wars. As a result, fans sometimes jokingly claim that Sanger is Fate's father. In the present SRW continuity Sanger never piloted the Thrudgelmir, and it is instead piloted by a cyborg clone of him with identity issues, similar to how Fate is an enhanced clone of Alicia Testarossa (this version of the Thrudgelmir was introduced after the airing of A's).

Movie continuityEdit

The available forms/modes have been altered slightly in the movie continuity:

Form Description Appearances
Bardiche (バルディッシュ)
Standby Form
Equivalent to Standby Form of the original series. The MOVIE 1st
The MOVIE 2nd A's
Axe Form
Equivalent to Device Form of the original series. The axe blade of Bardiche is rounded rather than angular. A second set of spikes are added to its top, while the original spikes have become longer and curved.
Scythe Form
Equivalent to Scythe Form of the original series.
Glaive Form
Replacement to Sealing Form of the original series. It is not only used for Sealing but also high-level spells like Photon Lancer Phalanx Shift.
Bardiche Assault (バルディッシュ・アサルト)
Standby Form
Equivalent to Standby Form of the original series. The MOVIE 2nd A's
Bullova Form
Being the upgrade of Axe Form; equivalent to Assault Form of the original series.
Crescent Form
Being the upgrade of Scythe Form; equivalent to Haken Form of the original series.
Zanber Form
Being the Full Drive of Bardiche Assault; equivalent to Zanber Form of the original series.


Upgrade Description Appearances
Auto Guard
Fate's Auto Guard spell is Defenser. Nanoha — present
Cartridge System
Belkan Cartridge System CVK792-R (six-cylinder revolver type). A's (ep.4) — present
Reloading cylinder for Cartridge System. A's (ep.4) — present
AED Bardiche seems to have a built-in defibrillation function for the unlikely event that Fate's heart stops. Force (ch.9) — present

Bardiche is one of two Devices in the series (along with Graf Eisen), that have been subjected to Recovery on screen.



  1. ^ "Haken" is German for hook.
  2. ^ "Zanber" is a portmanteau of zan (Japanese for slash or cut) and saber, frequently used for the names of Super Robot swords.
  3. ^ The name used by the Japanese NanohaWiki, which is the general name for such part. No sources for any official names in the series.

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