Auris Gaiz
Character profile
Other namesAdjutant Auris
FamilyRegius Gaiz (father)
AffiliationCapital Defense Corps
Rank3rd Commander
OccupationSec. to the Defense Secretary
Japanese nameオーリス・ゲイズ
(Ōrisu Geizu)
First app.StrikerS (ep.12)
Voiced byNatsuko Kuwatani

Auris Gaiz (オーリス・ゲイズ Ōrisu Geizu) is Regius Gaiz's secretary and, as revealed in StrikerS (ep.24), his daughter.


Her first name is presumably a reference to the Toyota Auris.

Before revealing her true identity as Regius' daughter, she was credited as Adjutant Auris (副官オーリス Fukukan Ōrisu) in the TV version's cast list.

In StrikerSEdit

Auris, possessing the rank of 3rd Commander, is the Secretary to the Defense Secretary (防衛長官秘書) in the Bureau's Midchilda Ground Headquarters (i.e. Capital Defense Corps), aiding her father.

She holds the same contempt for Riot Force 6 as her father, and helps him to investigate the unit for evidence to accusate the Sailing Force and the Saint Church, though she appears to have an agenda of her own.

After the JS Incident, Auris is arrested for uttering forged documents and creative accounting.


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