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Anchor Gun
Device profile
MasterTeana Lanster
CreatorTeana Lanster
Magic systemMidchilda
Japanese nameアンカーガン
(Ankā Gan)
First app.StrikerS manga (ch.4)
Last app.StrikerS (ep.4)

Anchor Gun (アンカーガン Ankā Gan) is a Storage Device that Teana Lanster used at the beginning of StrikerS before receiving Cross Mirage. Unusually for its Device type, it is equipped with a cartridge system.


It appears only in the beginning of StrikerS and the comic prologue. It is later replaced by Cross Mirage.

Even before her enlistment as a TSAB cadet, Teana was interested in making a cartridge system-equipped Device, which resulted in the creation of Anchor Gun. It also led to her being assigned as Subaru Nakajima's (who similarly created her own Device) partner, due to their magic styles being different from the other cadets.


Anchor Gun's ordinary form is gun-like and is optimized for shooting spells. There is no separate standby form.


Upgrade Description Appearances
Cartridge System
Simple Cartridge System with capacity of two cartridges. StrikerS manga (ch.4)
StrikerS (ep.4)
Wire Anchor[1] True to its name, Anchor Gun also has a grappling "anchor" at the bottom of its barrel, giving Teana (who is incapable of unassisted flight) additional mobility in battle. It can carry the weight of both Teana and Subaru. StrikerS manga (ch.4)
StrikerS (ep.4)



  1. ^ No official name is given for this part/function.

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