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Alto Krauetta
Alto Krauetta StrikerS
Character profile
AffiliationAir Force 1039 (pre-StrikerS)
Capital Air Force (pre-StrikerS)
Riot Force 6 (StrikerS)
TSAB Midchilda Ground HQ (post-StrikerS)
Battalion 108 (Sound Stage X)
Special Duty Section 6 (Force)
Rank2nd Ground Member (StrikerS)
1st Ground Member (post-StrikerS)
OccupationHelicopter Pilot
Long Arch Mobil Maintenance Officer and Communication Operator (StrikerS)
QualificationHelicopter Pilot B (Professional)
Mobil Maintenance I-A
Communication Operator II
Japanese nameアルト・クラエッタ
(Aruto Kuraetta)
First app.StrikerS manga (ch.5)
Voiced byNozomi Masu

Alto Krauetta (アルト・クラエッタ Aruto Kuraetta) is member of Riot Force 6's communications staff, a subordinate to Shario Finieno in StrikerS.


Alto is named after Suzuki Alto.

In Force, Alto is nicknamed by Thoma Avenir, whom she treat as younger brother, as Aa-chan.

In StrikerSEdit

Before transferring to Riot Force 6, Lucino is a member of the Capital Air Force Transportation Group.

In Sound Stage XEdit

Alto makes a brief appearance in Sound Stage X. From 0078 onwards, she is transferred to Battalion 108.

In ForceEdit

Alto first appears in the end of chapter 6 of Magical Record Lyrical Nanoha Force. She informs Cinque, Dieci, and Wendi that Thoma Avenir is likely one of the culprits they are after. She is still assigned to Battalion 108 at the time, and is not fully transferred (nor seconded) to Special Duty Section 6 until much later.[1]


  1. ^ Magical Record Lyrical Nanoha Force, chapter 23, page 4.

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