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Alicia Testarossa
Alicia Movie 1st
Alicia in The MOVIE 1st
Character profile
Age5 at the time of death[1]
Date of birth0034[1]
Date of death0039[1]
FamilyTestarossa family
Japanese nameアリシア・テスタロッサ
(Arishia Tesutarossa)
First app.Nanoha (dead)
Last app.Nanoha (ep.13, dead)
A's (ep.12, dream sequence)
Voiced byNana Mizuki (Japanese)
Jennifer Alyx (English)

Alicia Testarossa (アリシア・テスタロッサ Arishia Tesutarossa) is Presea Testarossa's oldest daughter, who appears identical to Presea's other daughter, Fate, except for her handedness and magical abilities.

In NanohaEdit

Alicia is Presea Testarossa's biological daughter. They lived a happy life until Alicia died at the age of five, driving her mother insane. Presea preserved Alicia's body in a glass tank and dedicated her life to obtaining the Jewel Seeds, which could lead her to Al-Hazard, the legendary place that could resurrect her daughter. Using Alicia's DNA, Presea created a clone called Fate to gather the jewels for her. Fate, implanted with Alicia's memories, was abused to no end by her "mother", but remained painfully loyal until the truth was discovered. In the end, Alicia's body fell into the imaginary space with Presea.

The only differences between Alicia and Fate seem to be the handedness (Alicia is left-handed while Fate is right-handed) and magical talents (Fate is an S+ ranked mage, whereas Alicia only displayed average magical capabilities).

In an interesting coincidence, Alicia was born in the same year as Lindy Harlaown, Fate's adoptive mother after 0065.

In A'sEdit

In the second season, the Book of Darkness draws Fate into a dream of what she has always wanted: a happy family life. Presea is sane, Alicia is Fate's older sister, and everything appears good. Alicia wishes that Fate could stay in the dream with her forever, but Fate sadly refuses, saying that her friends need her more right now. After Fate refuses, Alicia tells Fate that she wishes they were both together in reality and tells Fate to go back to her strong and gentle friends.

Alternate continuitiesEdit


Alicia appears in flashbacks in both The MOVIE 1st and The MOVIE 2nd A's. In this continuity, Alicia's death is revealed to be a result of a prototype energy generator meltdown that Presea was developing. Under pressure from her superiors to complete the project on time, Presea ignored safety regulations and when the reactor exploded, their house was inside the blast zone, which killed Alicia but somehow spared her mother. Shortly before her death, Alicia asked her mother for a little sister (much to Presea's embarrassment), a wish that was de facto fulfilled by the "birth" of Fate, whom, ironically, Alicia never met and Presea, never accepted until her death.

Brave DuelEdit


Alicia in her school uniform in INNOCENT

Alicia Testarossa is the first daughter of the Testarossa family. For Brave Duel, she is the assistant of her younger sister Fate Testarossa at the beginning of the story.

In the Brave Duel continuity, she has a Device named Lucky Star, and her magic color is aqua blue, c/w Fate's golden color.


  1. ^ a b c According to the Japanese Nanoha Wiki, Alicia died 26 years prior to the first season, and was 5 years young at the time of death.

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